Since 1985 we have been doing creative radio advertising, jingles, audio books, video soundtracks, podcasts, voice-overs, copywriting, audio logos, and on-hold-marketing for clients worldwide.

We have a huge collection of sound effects, a great production music library, a staff of arrangers and access to all kinds of voice talent.

Owner Blair Hardman is the writer and voice of hundreds of radio and TV ads, is a nationally published crossword puzzle author, has been a morning DJ, toured Germany as a Country Cowboy, and once spent a long year in the Ice Capades orchestra.

Take a moment and listen to some examples.

Back Door Disc
Oliver’s Market

49 Minute Photo
The Crushers Jingle

Department of Health
Toyota – Hard Sell

HIV Awareness #1
Toyotal – Soft Sell

HIV Awareness #2

Zone Recording Radio Ad

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