Forensic Audio

Zone Recording specializes in forensic audio restoration for law enforcement agencies and attorneys.

Vital evidence for criminal trials is often found in muffled, noisy, incoherent audio recordings.  At Zone Recording, our audio engineers and forensic audio specialist can successfully restore or “clean up” audio recordings that can then be used as evidence in a court of law.

Our software can reduce background noise and make voices intelligible. We work with micro-cassette, cassette, reel to reel, digital audio and video tape.

Our studio observes the evidence chain of custody. We also provide transferring and copying services in all formats.

Below is a detailed list of our forensic audio restoration services:

  • Acoustic Simulation for Accident Reconstruction
  • Acoustical Analysis & Sound Measurement
  • Acoustical Compliance
  • Acoustical Gunshot Analysis
  • Analysis for Timing and Sequence of Events
  • Audibility Analysis (voice, alarms, etc.)
  • Audio and Video Tape Authentication
  • Audio and Video Tape Enhancement
  • Authenticity Analysis
  • Demonstrative Evidence & Exhibits
  • Enhancement of Audio Recordings
  • Expert Testimony
  • Forensic Musicology and Copyright Infringement
  • Forensic Transcription
  • Patent and Technology Infringement
  • Voice Identification
  • Voiceprint Analysis and Voice Elimination

Forensic Audio Specialist available during regular business hours:

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